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Despite most couple’s wedding budget having halved in the last decade, it’s still pretty expensive to tie the knot.

For many the stress of saving for and paying for the wedding of their dreams can sometimes outweigh the joy of the wedding itself.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.  By spending a little time carefully budgeting your big day and taking heed of a few top tips you can reduce the financial burden.

From savvy online shopping to clever negotiations with contractors there’s a few little tricks and trips that can help you pull off your big day at a fraction of the cost:


  1. The Date

This is probably the single most important part of your wedding planning that you need to consider carefully.  Whilst everyone wants a Saturday it’s the most expensive day of the week.  Think about whether a bank holiday weekend or mid-week would suit you (and your guests).  Picking a less popular day could save you thousands but you do need to think about the ramifications that it might have on your guest list.


  1. Take Your Time

Unless you are having a quick wedding it’s always advisable to take time to plan your big day.  18 months is usual and it might be worth setting yourself some goals and a schedule of what you want to have booked, bought or organised by what date.

By booking services well in advance you can take advantage of early bird discounts as well as being able to shop around for everything from you caterers and florists to car supplier and entertainment.


  1. Don’t Mention The “W” Word
    If possible when sourcing flowers or a cake, don’t refer to your big day as a “wedding”, call it a party or celebration instead until the price is agreed. Referring to your booking as one for a wedding can sometimes put the price up automatically.


  1. Do Mention The “W” Word

When it comes to booking your honeymoon sing it from the rooftops, tell everyone you come into contact with.  From the flight attendant to the hotel – you’d be surprised at the freebies and upgrades you’ll get.

  1. The Dress

When it comes to considering your dress think about what you really want.  Does your dress have to be a big obvious wedding dress, does it have to be the current season’s style and does it have to be bought first hand or from a wedding dress shop.

There’s a whole host of less expensive options, that won’t eat into your wedding budget, for you to consider from checking out previous season sales and vintage shops to formal gowns and even pre-owned gowns.


On top of that don’t forget that a seamstress can tailor and customise an existing gown to your specifications or, if she’s also a dress maker, can make you the dress of your dreams at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Meet The Vendors

One sure way to bag yourself a bargain is to purchase services and products at exhibitions and bridal fairs.  Not only do you get the chance to look for new ideas and meet the people you are doing business with but you often find there are great deals to be had if you lay your deposit down there and then.

  1. Get Creative With The Menu

The food is often one of the priciest parts so avoiding a sit down meal or thinking of cheaper alternatives that everyone will enjoy can save you a fortune.

Lots of people opt for smaller wedding cakes and less alcohol choices so that they can spend more on the main food. Then, thinking outside the box of chicken or fish can help you get creative and create memorable, affordable wedding food.

  1. The Guests

Think carefully about who to invite to the wedding, as numbers soon add up. Just 15 family members each from the Bride and Groom’s family, and 10 friends each with plus ones for partners, is 70 people. Keep your guest list to close friends and family only.  Then invite work colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors, family friends etc… to the reception.

  1. The Invites

Unless you really want them – or the guests you will be inviting will expect them, you could do away with physical invites. These usually incur not only design and print costs, but also postage, and can be a lot of hassle. Instead, you could get an invite designed as a PDF to email to guests, or use a variety of online tools to send digital invites, especially for guests who are attending the reception only.

  1. Don’t Get Ripped Off On Decorations

When selecting a venue take into consideration how much décor would be needed as this is often an added expense.

Also consider making your own decorations, finding them second hand, or using fake flowers. There are so many ways to save a little cash here and there that you’re sure to find something you’re happy with.

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