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Photo Booths have taken on a life of their own, being incredibly popular for parties and weddings, but have you considered using one for your corporate event?

When it comes to event entertainment, Photo Booths are the new BIG thing.


  1. Up the Fun Factor

Corporate eventCustomers are bombarded with advertising and communications, so it takes something different for them to pay attention, and it’s even better if they can have fun in the process.

The Photo Booth user gets something fun and quirky to take away from the event, and you get people sharing the photo and talking about your brand at no extra cost.

It’s a win-win scenario, and to top it off your brand is associated with something fun and imaginative, which injects your brand with personality.

  1. Boost Your Brand

There are so many ways a Photo Booth can help promote your brand – the booth itself can display your brand graphics, the final images can have your logo included, and you can be inventive by holding an online contest for a prize for the best photo when participants share it using a hashtag related to your brand.

These will no doubt be liked, shared, and commented on by many, which increases your exposure for minimal effort.

  1. Competitive Edge

Competitors are constantly watching what the market is up to, and industry is rife with copycat marketing. Stand out from the crowd and do something unique and forward-thinking for your brand with a Photo Booth, your competition will wish they had have thought of it first!


  1. Keep it Simple

Events can be a frantic and stressful situation, taking hours of planning and preparation, on top of managing the event on the day itself.

A Photo Booth compliments your marketing strategy, but also provides a form of entertainment (that can keep guests occupied for hours!), which will be one less thing for you to worry about.

Your event is meant to be an opportunity for you to network and mingle with your guests – having a Photo Booth as a form of entertainment will free up your time, allowing you to spend it with the people who matter most, your guests!


  1. Content Creation

If you are hosting an event, you will likely have a photographer to take the “official” photos, or you may even be doing that part yourself. That’s expected at an event – you can post the photos in a gallery on your company blog, and use them on social media.

Photos are a good way to create online content and engagement. Fun Photo Booth photos from an event aren’t expected, and are a great way to create online content and get tons of memorable engagement!

Let your next event stand out from the crowd!

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