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There are a ton of decisions to be made during the planning stages of your wedding, and if you plan to have music at your wedding and or reception, then one of those is choosing your DJ.

Selecting a quality DJ is no easy feat – he or she will be responsible for setting the tone of your wedding, as well as making any formal announcements.

Our step-by-step guide should help put you at ease, so here are our 7 top tips for choosing your wedding DJ:


  1. Make a List

Contact local entertainment providers and make a list of potential DJs you think you would like to book based on their standard set listings and any other forms of entertainment they provide, along with any specific extras they are capable of providing, such as lighting etc.

Make sure and check with your venue that any additional extras are permitted. You should narrow it down to a selection of three to choose from.


  1. Know What You Need

Your DJ should provide speakers, amplifiers, speaker stands, mixing desks, microphones, headphones, and all of the other sound equipment required for your wedding entertainment.

The quality of this equipment and the size of the sound system can vary dramatically. If your reception is in a large venue, then you’ll need a larger sound system to fill the space. Check that your DJ is able to provide all of the necessary equipment.


  1. Book in Advance

A great wedding DJ should be booked 12 to 18 months in advance, where possible. If a DJ has a good reputation, their diary will quickly be filled through word-of-mouth bookings, so if you don’t want to end up disappointed, get in there quick!


  1. Ask for References

It can be difficult to see a DJ in action before your big day, so where this isn’t possible (even through video) check out Facebook and Wedding Wire or ask the DJ for contact details for a couple of references you can speak to, to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.


  1. Get a Contract

A professional wedding DJ should offer you a written contract outlining your agreement. This is important. Without a contract, you are not entitled to any refunds should something go wrong.


  1. Logistics

You’ll need to know what time you want your DJ set to start and finish, especially if you are having a live band set first, and then the DJ for the rest of the evening.

A typical DJ set starts around 9PM, but check that this can be adjusted to suit your needs. The finish time can often be set by the venue, but is typically between 11PM and 1AM. Some DJs will start earlier and finish later, but bear in mind the additional cost for adjustments to the standard set time.


  1. Know Your Music

You’ll need to provide the DJ with the names of the songs you would like to specific dances, such as the newly married couples’ first dance, the father and daughter dance, and any others you choose to have.

While you aren’t expected to provide the entire set list, you should be able to give the DJ a decent amount of songs you think your guests will enjoy (and dance to), so that the DJ is better able to understand your tastes and needs.

Don’t forget to inform your DJ of any songs or music styles that you hate. It’s just as important that he or she knows what not to play.


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