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A birthday is a special thing and of course, most of us will happily celebrate with cards and flowers, but there comes a time when you want to do more. For example, if you or a special someone is turning 30, 40, 50 or even 60 you want to mark the occasion properly.

Making sure that the party is special and everyone enjoys it can be a pretty stressful process.

But don’t worry; we’ve put together a list of hints and tips that will take your next birthday party from stressful to fun-filled.

The top of the list is when. Ideally choosing to have your party on a weekend will mean that more guests can attend as they won’t have to take time off work. This might mean booking the weekend before or after the actual birthday but will hopefully allow most of your nearest and dearest to be there.

Budget wisely and you will not find yourself completely out of pocket by the end of the night. Yes, it would be nice to throw a massive party, but if you can’t afford it, then make sure your party ideas stay in line with what you can actually budget for.

Choose a venue that suits the number of guests you want to attend. You could also save by opting to have a party at home, but this is only really advisable if the guest list is relatively small. If you are going to host a big soiree, then research restaurant or function rooms that are better able to cater to big numbers.

Now that you’ve fixed on a date and venue, it’s time to refine the guest list. Double check to make sure you haven’t missed anyone special and then get posting! The invites can be simple or elaborate, it really is up to you. But if you’ve opted to go for a theme, then it is probably best to implement it with the invites and then make sure it runs through the rest of the choices you make.

And then we eat!

Catering for a variety of tastes can be difficult. A buffet is probably the easiest way to serve food for a large number, but it isn’t to everyone’s taste. Eating family style with sharing platters is a great way to and create an intimate feeling around the table, especially if you are a small group.

And if you’ve chosen to use a restaurant, then you can either have a set menu or let your guests choose from the a la carte menu – just make sure to watch your budget!

Choosing a theme for your day or night can help with the décor choices. Whether it’s a color, a country or indeed a classic like “summer garden party”, you will make life easier by choosing décor in line with the theme.

It also makes sense to carry through the theme into your entertainment. And to add even more fun to the party make sure to book acts or bands that are interactive. Choose a band or DJ that will play music that keeps the party moving and is appropriate for all ages.

And finally, try and find a way to give your guests a keepsake or favor from the night that will make the memories last even longer.

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