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As anyone who’s ever read the Wind in the Willows knows – there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

But it won’t just a case of messing about in boats, at the opening of the Carefree Boat Club.

Their fantastic open house weekend, will see guests from far and wide invited down to the Morningstar Marina to get an exclusive preview of all that the new boat club would offer while simultaneously soaking up the vibes coming from our dedicated chill out area, where there will be entertainment provided by White Knight Entertainment’s DJ Keith.

Working with the Carefree Boat Club team we’ve curated a relaxed playlist for the day-time event which will make guests feel welcome and comfortable.

We want the music to be present but not overbearing and allowed the guests to dance if they feel like it but also create a relaxed, casual vibe.

The Carefree Boat Club is a new alternative to buying or renting a boat in Jacksonville, FL. With a membership in their exclusive club, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, trailering, storage, insurance or even washing a boat!

You have unlimited access to not just one boat but their entire fleet of boats in Jacksonville, plus access to boats at 60+ clubs nationwide. The Carefree Boat Club provides you with classroom and on-the-water safety training by USCG certified captains, so you can pilot your vessel with confidence when out on the open water.

Every would-be ship’s captain was assured of a great time as they got the chance to combine the mixing and mingling whilst checking out the Carefree Boat Club’s fleet of boats in Jacksonville.