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Before you know it we will be ringing in the New Year.

And all too often we can get caught out paying over the odds in order to celebrate the night in style.

Don’t make that mistake this year!

Take a look at our top tips that will help you throw an unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party without breaking the bank!


  1. Play the host with the most

You don’t need to hit the town or book out a venue for your party. In fact hosting a shindig at your house could not only save you money but provide a much more convivial atmosphere for you and your guests.


  1. Keep the list to loved ones

If you do choose to make your home the venue, then you will be a little constrained on numbers. Fear not though, because with a smaller guest list you will be able to spend more, quality time with your nearest and dearest. A smaller guest list also means you can save a bit of money by not catering for massive numbers.


  1. BYOB and bring the fun

Alcohol is often one of the biggest costs for a New Year’s party. So why not share the cost with friends and family by asking them to provide a tipple of their choice. Not only do you save a bit of money but it gives your guests a chance to get creative and share their favourite cocktail.


  1. Ask for and accept help

Hopefully those closest to you will want to help with getting things right for the night. Don’t be too polite, if they offer to bring something along then your answer should always be yes! From party favours to party food, make a list of items you need and then let your guests decide what they can bring to the party.


  1. Keep it simple with snacks

Instead of a full, sit down meal, why not go for simple, party food. Your guests won’t be with you until later in the evening and will probably have eaten before arriving, so they won’t want a big meal. Think finger food and treat your guests to tempting canapés and cheeses, add in some simple desserts and you’ve catered for every taste while staying on budget.


  1. Save the sparkle

The Christmas decorations don’t have to come down straight away. If the tree has to come down that’s fine, but why not keep the festive lights and decorations up for a little bit longer? They will make the perfect backdrop for your New Year’s Eve party and add that much needed hint of sparkle, without breaking the bank.


  1. Make the dollar store your friend

Budget friendly shops like the dollar store should be your first port of call. You can stock up on paper plates, cups and all sorts of party bits and bobs a lot cheaper. Save money here and you can spend a bit more on other must-haves like entertainment


  1. Music can make or break the party

Getting the music right for your event is vital. The soundtrack to your soiree should mix current hits and classic tunes that will get your guests onto the dance floor. This can be a difficult ask, so if you’ve saved costs in other ways why not consider booking a professional DJ who can get and keep the party going!


  1. Capture and keep all the memories

Entertaining your guests will of course be your priority. And what better way to get them all up and excited than with a Mirror Photo Booth? Not only does it bring your guests together in a fun and interactive way, it also leaves them with a photo keepsake from the night that they can take home with them.

And if your venue won’t accommodate a full size Mirror Photo Booth then there’s the Halo Photo booth. This smaller mirror is great for more intimate venues but still gives you and your guests’ hours of interactive fun.


  1. Don’t get caught napping at midnight

And finally, make sure that when the clock strikes midnight you have planned how you will mark the moment. Will you watch the Times Square ball drop on TV or lead your friends and in the traditional rendition of “Auld Lang Syne”? Make sure that you have all your loved ones around you and create new memories as you ring in the New Year.

Ready to get the party started? Contact our creative team for some inspiration today!