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Hosting a party, wedding or corporate event takes time, effort and precision planning.

Understanding what your guests will engage with and enjoy takes thought.

And in a world where individuals, especially millenials, are prioritising material things less and less, instead preferring personal experiences, it is more important than ever that you create innovative, immersive and engaging events.

This shift is especially evident in the corporate market where brands are trying to connect with the selfie generation and tap into their aspirations by creating events that connect their brand with experiential packages that reinforce the brand in consumers’ minds.

So what are people looking for at an event?

Photo Both JacksonvilleAs humans, we crave interaction and connection. By creating opportunities to connect we can make an event even more special.

Engagement is key, from that ice-breaking first minute through to the final curtain call on your event.

Millenials, especially, want to share these special moments online through social media and make sure their extended circle of friends can see all the fun they are having.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are all visual mediums designed less around what people are wearing or driving and more about what they’re doing. And you’ll often find guests phone in hand sharing images with the event’s hashtag – just to let others know what’s going on in their lives.

So if a picture is worth a thousand words, then how about a selfie? Definitely worth a lot to engage your guests and even more when it comes from our Mirror Photo Booth which comes armed with attitude and style, perfect for birthdays, proms, weddings, corporate events and much more!

Photo Booth JacksonvilleOur interactive mirror delivers fun and unique responses to every picture taken and will keep your wedding or event guests entertained all night.

Every guest can interact with the mirror; laugh, smile and pose with fantastic props, before signing their creation and then getting a personalised keepsake to take away with them.

And if you don’t have the space for our Mirror then try the space saving Snap Happy photo booth which helps your guests take the perfect selfie. Because everyone knows that they only way to take a picture is a selfie.

Photo Booth And even more importantly they can share their special memory direct from the mirror to their social media sites – for their entire social circle to enjoy.

Our selfie options give you the chance to offer your guests something more, a fun and easy way to make special events even more memorable, with hours of interactive entertainment waiting to be had at just one look.

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