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Photo Booths are the latest must have addition to any fun event. No matter what the party, whether it’s a wedding, corporate celebration, or prom night, the addition of a cool photo booth ensures you capture epic snapshots of seriously fun times. They do a stellar job of bringing people together and with reasonable hire charges, it’s no wonder they are proving to be so popular.


The rise of the photo booth

Taking photos has never been as popular as it is in this Instagram age. People simply love taking photos of their experiences and, thanks to photo booths, they can come away with a memento of a truly memorable event. As the booths have become more advanced, not only can you leave an event with a hard copy of your crazy poses in the booth with wacky props, but you can also upload your photos to social media and have a good laugh at them with your friends.

Photo booths are a hit across the generations as they are just so much fun. These family-friendly forms of entertainment really bring out the fun-loving side in people. How fetching would Grandma look with a pink wig on or Grandad wearing a top hat? You’ll find out with a photo booth.

Of course, it’s not just all about the guests. Photo booths are a chance for the hosts to add a unique touch to the event. The technology is getting more and more advanced, allowing the users to place themselves in a variety of settings and personalize their pictures in all sorts of ways. They’ll have a cool experience to tell their friends about later — and it all happened at your event.


The coolest photo booths around

As mentioned, there are some mightily cool booths out there. Halo and mirror booths are two types in particular that can really add something extra special to your party or event.


Marketing Trends 2019Mirror photo booth

You can really rock a family reunion, wedding reception, bar or bat mitzvah and other events or occasions where people make an extra special effort to look their best by hiring a mirror booth. Rather than the head and shoulders shots that traditional photo booths offer, the mirror ones allow guests to take full-length pictures, so they can see how smartly they’re dressed for the occasion as well as have an immense amount of fun. Coming away with a bad photo just isn’t possible.

The technology behind the booths is simple but effective and easy to use. The posing party stands in front of a reflective screen and taps it to take the shot. After the mirror booth takes the photograph they can then customize it however they want (in line with the options available). Examples of this include adding emoticons and signing the image, all simply by using the touchscreen.

If you’re looking for printouts, you’ll have a choice of single or multi-print layouts and can choose between black and white or colors. Guests can email themselves digital copies of their photos directly from the booth and upload them to social media.

The mirror booth works particularly well at weddings. The bride and groom may be busy bees on the day, but even will grab the opportunity to get a few zany shots of themselves together, and with all their nearest and dearest, in their wedding garb. It would almost be rude not to.

The booths are also a quirky source of entertainment at corporate events and product launches, especially if your brand is the type that has a playful side to it. A photo booth that your guests can use at the event could be just the tool to illustrate that and convey the personality of your brand.


halo photo boothHalo photo booth

If you’re planning your wedding and are looking for favor ideas for guests but are struggling to come up with any, why not replace the traditional wedding favor with a halo photo booth? The pictures will make a fabulous memento of the day. Maybe you’re celebrating your Sweet Sixteen and want an adorable selfie with your besties to look back on in years to come. A halo booth is the place to make it happen.

The halo booth is a combination of iPad technology and photo booth, which makes it lightweight to set up and bring to the event. The booth is highly interactive, and you can customize elements such as the backdrop. Combine these with the premium props provided and you have the makings of a magical selfie.

These booths work terrifically well because they allow you to bring some fun to social events which may still have an air of formality about them. In large gatherings where not everyone knows each other, a photo booth is an ideal ice breaker. In the corporate world it could even help you market your business.

If you’ve got an event coming up and want to inject some extra enjoyment into the proceedings for your guests, you can count on a photo booth to deliver the goods. Your guests will be bursting to jump in front of the camera and will walk away from the event with fond memories and fun souvenirs.