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As a nation, we’ve come to admire the characters in The Big Bang Theory and how smart they are. Okay, so the program conveys them as über-nerds, but everyone knows, deep down, that they’re really kind of cool because they know so much, and the program has caught on.

It’s not the only thing that has become a hit, though. Possibly driven by the popularity of Sheldon and all his friends, trivia nights have become a popular way of spending the time. Googling for “trivia night Jacksonville” will tell you that, since you’ll see there’s more than one venue offering this form of entertainment.

Of course, the popularity of trivia shouldn’t really come as a surprise, welcome as it is. After all, admit it: Don’t you just love out-geeking your sporty football player friends? Maybe you get a sneaky sense of satisfaction from knowing a few more quiz answers than your better-looking work colleagues?

Don’t worry. It goes no further than this post.

Why is trivia so popular?

It’s an enjoyable way to spend the evening, but people are competitive by nature, an article in GQ online tells its readers. They like drinking and socializing, and when you combine these with the opportunity to be smarter than others, you pave the way for an activity that could have a long and generous lifespan. One of the great things about trivia is that there’s more to it than just being intelligent. It’s about knowing a little bit about everything — and you’ll be surprised at what people know, or how much they know, about certain topics.

Then there’s the feeling of usefulness that trivia restores to us. It’s easy for people to feel they don’t amount to much. They can go to school, study hard and learn all sorts of things, such as how to solve equations in math, or what cell mitochondria are in biology; however, then they go out and get jobs, only to discover that they can’t apply a lot of what they learned at school.

This is where trivia comes in. At a local trivia night, you could well win a prize for knowing something that you might have learnt all the way back in your school days (and possibly hated learning). Suddenly, all those summer afternoons that you felt you’d wasted when you were slogging it out with The Grapes of Wrath for English don’t feel so misspent at all. Trivia bridges the gap, making what seems useless become useful.

How can a trivia night help your venue?

Trivia isn’t just a form of entertainment, though:

It can have major benefits for your business, whether you own a restaurant, a bar or other potential venue here in Jacksonville.

You’ll bring in more customers

Entertainment will automatically bring in new customers, especially in a world where there is so much more focus on experiences and people are willing to try new things. Originally, trivia nights at bars were created to bring in business on slow nights, way back in the 1970s. That was the plan, but no one expected it to take off quite so much to the point that one day, there would be state and city-wide quizzes held.

You’ll be regularly busy

Rather than be busy at weekends but quiet during the week, a trivia night could be your ticket to being busy throughout the week as well. Just like anywhere else, weekends in Jacksonville are peak periods by nature. The key to success is in generating business during the week.

They’re a good team building activity

Business that want to raise morale, improve communication, boost productivity or develop creative thinking in the company will organise team building activities which can do this. Trivia nights are ideal for corporate events because they encourage teamwork and communication between employees and are an inclusive activity, whereas physical disabilities could prevent some employees taking part in kart racing, scavenger hunts and other physical team building activities.

You can steal a competitive edge

Everyone knows that a business that offers something that a competing business doesn’t can gain a competitive advantage over them. That’s just how business works. If a patron is standing in front of two establishments and debating which one to spend their evening in, your trivia night could make all the difference.

Better still, if they were only popping in for a few drinks, they may feel encouraged to spend the whole evening there.

Trivia nights — you can use them to build your team, or you can attend one just to have a bit of fun with friends or family and demonstrate your worldliness. Whatever your reasons, you’re sure to have fun. You might even surprise yourself. Who knows; maybe The Big Bang has rubbed off on you.