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You’ve booked the church, had the fitting completed for the dress, and have started writing the invitations but what about the wedding reception?

The caterers know the menu, but what is going to make the wedding reception that memorable conclusion? You need to make it something to remember for the rest of your lives and something your guests will have fond recollections for years to come.

Whether it is a hotel, a marquee, at home or in a community hall White Knight Entertainment can make your wedding reception special.

With more than 30 years experience we can make sure you can have a day that will live long in the memory with our bespoke products and services.

Here are some of the things we can do to make your wedding day unique, and mark the beginning of your married life out of the ordinary.



Let’s face it, a party venue at home or in a hall is nothing without the right lighting. We have the magic product to transform any venue. Our range of up lighters add pizzazz, help create the mood and atmosphere to get everyone ready to rock! Plus we have mirror balls and other lighting products to match all your needs!

Mirror Me Photo Booth

We are the generation that lives by selfies! Our Mirror Me Photo Booth offers an exclusive selfie mirror product that will have everyone, young and old, queuing up. Once in front of the booth, you can pose and take a picture of yourself or with friends, sign your creation. And, all your guests get a unique keepsake of your wedding to take home.


You know how it goes. As your guests arrive you want the music to set the tone. We have a range of DJs with a range of tunes to match your family and friends tastes. And, work with you to make sure your first dance is special. They know how to make wedding receptions them special with proper pacing and tunes.

Bounce Houses

We all remember the sheer, unadorned pleasure when we were children of jumping and tumbling on bounce houses. At your reception, all the children can be kept occupied with that same joyous experience. We have a range of bounce houses for hire that will have them really jumping around. And all that jumping around will tire the little mites out for an early night!

Face Painting, karaoke and much more. With our experience, a top team of customer focused staff and professionals we will tailor your reception to your budget.

As well as everything mentioned above we can provide a whole range of services including Trivia, Karaoke and face painting and that’s just for Grand Ma.

For the ultimate wedding package contact White Knight Entertainment today!