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If you’re looking for something unique and fun to entertain your guests at your wedding, you should consider using the new selfie mirrors, which are quickly catching on. Selfie mirrors are a twist on the traditional photo booth and can provide hours of entertainment for your guests at the wedding reception.


Similar to the photo booth, selfie mirrors allow your guests to takes photos of themselves and print them out instantly. However, the selfie mirror does much more than a simple photo booth does. It can actually interact with people by offering funny responses, either verbally or through animated visuals on the mirror. The selfie mirror is great for guests of any age.


Guests can personalize their photos in many ways, such as by using selected messages across the prints or choosing from an array of wigs, hats or fun props. Most selfie mirrors offer guests several different templates and photo backdrops to choose from, making each photo shoot unique. Guests can also sign their pictures, creating a fun and memorable keepsake of your wedding.


The selfie mirrors enable users to choose whether they want multi or single photos, and all photos can be uploaded to Facebook after they are taken, allowing your guests to share them with family and friends. In addition, guests are provided with a digital copy of all of their photos at the end of the reception.


If you are interested in booking a selfie mirror for your reception, there are many suppliers that hire them out. In most cases, the supplier will arrange for an attendant to be on site to manage the booth throughout the reception.


In addition to the selfie mirror, there are many ways to provide your wedding guests with a good time. Here are some other entertainment suggestions:


  1. Magicians


A magician is a great way to wow your guests, both young and old alike. Hire a talented magician to stun everyone with their sleight of hand or just to work the room performing amusing card tricks.


  1. Bonfire


If your reception will carry on into the evening, why not arrange for a bonfire to light up the night? This is a great way to bring everyone together as they toast smores and sing a few campfire songs.


  1. Flash Mob


Have your wedding party arrange a flash mob that others can participate in too. This is a fun way to get everyone on their feet and dancing to the music.


  1. Sparklers


This is sure to be a hit with your younger guests, as kids and teens will enjoy handling their own sparklers to add color and flare to the reception.


  1. Fireworks


You saw them when you meet your spouse for the first time, so what better way to commemorate the love you share than by setting off fireworks at the end of the night? It is sure to leave your guests awestruck at the dramatic and beautiful display.


As you can see, there are numerous ways to entertain your wedding guests; simply choose activities that will appeal to a wide audience, and you will ensure that everyone has a good time.