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It’s a well-known phenomenon that brides can suffer from post-marital blues. You’ve just spent a year (or more) of your life discussing, planning, and getting excited for your Big Day.

Time goes by quickly, and before you know it you’ve said “I do”, had a fabulous day, and now it’s all over. It’s perfectly normal to feel a little deflated. So, what do you do next?

Here are 5 ways for you to handle post-wedding blues:

1. Host a Wedding BBQ

Returning to a normal routine straight after the wedding can be difficult to come to terms with. Instead, some couples are opting to host a post-wedding BBQ the following day for close family and friends. The fun and family bonding can continue in a more relaxed atmosphere if you’re brave enough to face the hair of the dog, that is!

2. Don’t Rush It

Jetting off on honeymoon straight away isn’t the best idea. You’ll likely want to recover a little from the big day, and you’ll have quite a lot to sort out post-wedding – organizing gifts, returning any rented items, and generally playing catch-up with family and friends to re-live some of the best wedding moments.

3. Back to Normality

If you can, put a buffer at the other end of your honeymoon. No one wants to come back from their trip and land straight into work and emails from colleagues. Give yourself, and your new partner, the chance to catch a breath before getting back into a normal routine.

4. Make Some Plans

Schedule some things to look forward to for after the wedding – plan a weekend away with the girls (or a weekend in if you need to watch the £££), make a list of books you want to read now all of your spare time isn’t being taken up with wedding planning, or organize some date nights with your new spouse. While the wedding day is, of course, important, what’s more, important is your new life as a married couple.

5. Communicate

It’s likely your new spouse understands how you feel, and may even be feeling the same way. It’s important that you communicate with them so you can support each other through this time.