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Getting the right entertainment for your wedding day can be the one thing that decides whether your guests stay for the whole night or slope off early.

It’s not easy to appease so many people of varying ages and musical tastes and finding a solution can often become a major headache.

From deciding whether to have entertainment throughout the day or whether you want a live band, instrumental, easy listening or a traditional wedding band there’s so much to be considered.


Here are 7 things you should think about to get you started:


1. What kind of entertainment

Deciding what you want is the most important part of the whole process.  Whilst you might want to appease Auntie Bertha and cousin Brad you can’t possibly cater for all their needs. Most people try to have wedding entertainment playing music that spans a few decades and various genres of music.  It’s a great way to make sure you get what you want whilst keeping the majority of your guests happy.


2. Price

Price should vary depending on certain things; How many people are in the band/entertainment, how experienced are they and how popular they are will all affect the price. Check the average going rate by getting quotes from other musicians and find out if they are worth their quote financially from other recommendations. Lastly, travel expenses may not have been included in the quote, check to see if this is something they will charge for later. Most importantly always remember – never pay the full fee up front, by all means, pay a deposit first but make an agreement to pay the remainder on the day or after their set.


3. Reliability and reviews

Before you pay a deposit do your homework.  Check out the band’s reviews online and if possible ask other couples how they have been.  You could also ask the hotel, they may have experience with them in the past. The communication between you and your entertainment is crucial, especially leading up to the big event.  Keeping in contact with your entertainment not only ensures they are confident and prepared but reassures you that things will run like clockwork.


4. Have you heard them play/perform before?

Sometimes musicians can look the part online, but if you haven’t heard them play yourself you are taking a massive risk.  The proof is most definitely in the pudding. Don’t just trust recommendations and feedback from friends, ALWAYS develop your own conclusion before booking and avoid problems later.


5. The set list 

Have you checked they will play all the songs you and your other half want to hear at your wedding? If not, make a list and request they play it for you, most bands won’t have a problem with this as long as the music isn’t too complicated and they have been given enough notice to learn or source the songs you want.


6. Schedule

Make sure you have set out your schedule clearly for both your venue and your entertainment.  Ensure that the best man or maid of honour also has a copy of this so that the can help to ensure everything goes as planned.

Weddings can often run a little late, it’s important to know exactly how flexible your entertainment can be, there’s a chance they have to rush off to other gigs, be sure to know that if you run behind, they can accommodate.


7. Access and equipment

Ensure you work out a plan for the band, group or DJ to get access to the stage or performance area in plenty of time.  Many bands will want to set up before the wedding begins or they will want the room cleared for a period of time in between the dinner and entertainment.

Ensure they have time for a sound check and that your wedding venue has the appropriate level of electricity supply sockets and more.

Don’t forget your entertainment will likely need to pack down straight after their set, ensure there are safe access points so that it doesn’t disrupt your wedding too much.

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