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Getting the entertainment right for a big party or wedding can be incredibly difficult.

Not only do you have a diverse group of friends and family that you want to please, but you also want to choose something that you will enjoy.


So where do you start?

Well if it is for a wedding or a big party, you want to make sure that the entertainment reflects you or you as a couple.

And what if your taste runs to fun, interaction and a little bit of quirky fun – like karaoke?

Yes, that’s right karaoke?

What better way to get your nearest and dearest to interact and have a bit of a giggle and have their own moment in the spotlight?

Now, you are probably thinking of the traditional, old-school karaoke of yesteryear.

But that’s not what we are thinking.

For us, it is all about Marryoke. This amazing new trend isn’t just for weddings, but for parties big and small as well as corporate events.



Well, it takes all that makes karaoke great and combines it with cutting-edge photo booth technology to allow you to create your own pop video.

Bringing guests together in a unique way, you are able to entertain them as well as create lasting memories with a soundtrack of your choosing.

You get to choose your own favorite song, we pick the lyrics and on the big day, we bring you and your guests together to create an unforgettable music video.

And if your guests aren’t totally ready for the stage, you can reassure them, There isn’t actually any live singing, just miming and performing as much or as little as they want.

Once your day is over, we take the footage and will curate a montage of clips gathered from the day and night, as well as the singing to create pure pop magic.

Can you think of a better keepsake to share with all your guests than starring in their very own music video?